AIAdison International = Artificial Intelligence
The company promises to be an advanced scientific artificial intelligence, helping all our client partners to complete the task just in time! Adison International team has a major responsibility for our customers to enhance the value chain and environmental protection!


In order to achieve a more professional customer service goal, Adison International has been committed to diversified raw material search and agency, introducing customers with the most competitive and best quality products, and its application fields are widely used in the resin industry and coatings. , ink industry, adhesive industry, plastics and rubber industry, textile industry, steel industry, paper industry, construction industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, laboratories, etc.  

In the future, we will continue to provide excellence in quality improvement, stable supply, and total service, and we will become the best partner in the industry. The high-quality business service team of Adison International is more active in the innovative application and development of products, and cooperates with the technical services and product improvement of foreign suppliers to improve the competitiveness of products.


In addition, in order to expand the scope and efficiency of our service customers, we cooperate with the Internet to form a three-dimensional integrated service with the existing distribution system, thus extending our operational reach to the upstream and downstream related industries. In the spirit of consistent service, we will assist customers to solve production technology problems, improve product quality and competitiveness, and hope to coexist with customers.



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